Partners Enablement

Expertwave Consulting is a progressive Business and technology consulting practice. We strive to assist corporate clients in reaching governance excellence by relying on proven enterprise architecture expertise to identify business components (strategic goals, processes, people and skills, information, technology) and how they interlink together to drive business towards more efficiency, effectiveness and growth. We believe that for a business to secure its strategic goals, all components must be enabled and aligned. At Expertwave Consulting, we assist our clients in identifying relationships among components and identify gaps and areas of improvement. A typical outcome is, for example, document how a strategic goal is linked, thus affected, by which processes, people, skill sets, data and technology. Our client will be able to clearly identify risks that a strategic goal achievement is exposed to and make informed decisions on which capabilities to address and enhance in order to secure the goal. Moreover, linking all business components presents an invaluable visibility on how a change in the organization (change on a goal, new business line, IT system, etc.) will affect the business landscape.

Expertwave- Professional Service
We can install, implement, troubleshoot and manage all the EMC storage, Backup and Archiving system also we can do all the types of local and remote protection plus all the data migration ways .