Who we are

ExpertWave Based in UAE , and we have branches in Egypt ,Canda ,and US .we are one of the leading professional service ,software engineering training and consulting companies in the Middle East that provides Software development best practices. With its customized training solutions for postgraduate, undergraduate and professional software practitioners, ExpertWave helps all IT companies ,software companies, academic institutions as well as software practitioners in different roles achieve their goals and develop software with the needed quality to compete in the market. As the first IEEE Computer Society Registered Education Provider (REP) in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region, and one of the first ISTQB training providers in Egypt, ExpertWave is moving in the right direction of providing the complete portfolio of software engineering best practices and standards in the region.


ExpertWave believes in professionalism. We want all software engineers to be professional in their day to day job, so we provide them with all their needs in a professional way.

Our training courses are designed in a professional workshop like and interactive way filled with practical examples and fun exercises. We continuously update our materials to keep up to date with the market trends.

Our instructors are always certified instructors in their field. The Typical instructors average more than 15 years of technical and hands-on experience in the software disciplines they teach. They combine hands-on development work with teaching to ensure that their knowledge is not purely academic. Many of them are frequent consultants and speakers at conferences and trade shows.

Our consultants have extensive industry experience and like to apply our knowledge in practical ways. We believe that when it comes to developing software, there is no one-size-fits all. The problem domain, corporate culture, abilities of the developers, attitude of management, and other factors, greatly impact and determine what will work best in a particular environment.

ExpertWave Realty enhances the ability of organizations to transition into a more effective way of developing software and IT professional services . Our services are delivered through a combination of training to create the proper foundation, consulting to provide an outside, expert, experienced view, and coaching to empower the team.

Mission: Advancing the art the software engineering

Vision: provide a complete portfolio of software engineering best practices and standards in the region which include up to date software engineering training courses, coaching and counseling and help practitioners get certified with the market leading certificates.